Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Bunglers' Parade

Okay, first the pictures, from the top left:

1) Killer from Don't Look Now/ Bread Dog/ Streamer War Runner-up/ Umbrella Lady
2) Grass Man/ Snow White levitating/ Guitar-Playing Condom Man/ Streamer War Winner cutting a deal with pirate
3) Bus Ticket Thing/ VIPs/ Chick in awe of balloons/ Male Bride
4) Hunting Snow White/ Spidey plays nintendo/ Stubborn as a goat/ Beatrice

So far, a recognisable parade. The real lost-in-translation bit came with the floats. Since I couldn't understand the slogans shouted or the placards brandished, my reaction is all visual.

There were two yes two dramatic executions of Saddam Hussein. When the first killing-float passed it was followed by figures dressed in white sheets, who all knelt and praised Allah, as though that was really funny. Throughout there were placards about abortion (it's been much in the news lately), but none beat the 'Abortion Funeral Cortege' which processed by. Eerily, there was no reaction at all from the crowd; they just watched.

However, then the Volare Man showed up, and with the grace of a swan led us in song...

And in other news, I have a zillion crosaires to stretch my brain sideways...

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