Friday, February 02, 2007

Christmas over for another year

Today marks the official end of the Christmas season.

In days of old, this was the day when all the Christmas decorations were burned. Such action is not recommended in these days of plastic tinsel and baubles made of god-knows-what; can you imagine the toxic chemicals released? I guess in the Middle Ages they mostly had greenery with some berries. And a big yule log.

The book I'm working on is mostly set on 2 February; so it makes super-sense for me to spend the day tapping away at that. Off I go...


Shona said...

Don't tell this you're fridge is a Christmas Free Zone!

By the way, it's also GroundHog Day!

shona said...

Sorry can I re-publish that (someone was talking to me, I wasn't concentrating...)
Don't tell me your fridge is a Christmas Free Zone?

(Ahhh much better)

Orlaith said...

By no means! The little nativity folk have reinvented themselves as wordsmiths. They spend their days playing with magnetic poetry, self-fashioning themselves into whatever they want to be that day. The fridge is mayhem!

Happy Groundhog Day. Again.