Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Challenge the programming

And while we're on the subject of mind control, a package arrived this afternoon.

Opening it up, I had three thoughts:
  • Maggie is a darling!
  • How adorable; I've never owned anything by Cath Kidston™.
  • I must forward on the parcel immediately to my sister.

That third one just popped in out of nowhere. I pondered over my reaction for a minute. Then I unwrapped the individual items, and yes even opened some so that I wouldn't be able to post them on (they smell of lemon & geranium - yum!). I shall use them for me - for me I tell you. I know my sister adores all things CK™, but it's my present. End of story.


Anonymous said...

erm. .. you know who the CK stuff needs to get to. Where did Maggie get them? I cant believe I didnt know she did that kind of stuff. Where oh where did she get it. And, more importantly, can she get me some. Tell the smellies the teapot and cups, saucers, clothes, plates, table linen, oh and every other kind of bloody Cath Kidston items that I have that they say hello and you will be home with us soon.

Orlaith said...

Ha ha!! Well truly, I would post on MY present - obviously I'd be happy to - except that I already opened some of the products.

Perhaps I'll send you a series of close ups so you can get a sense of how scrummy they are.

Will ask Maggie what den of iniquity she found them in :)