Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saved by the bus

This morning I met the nice elderly lady who lives upstairs; she was waiting at the bus stop as I wandered out for breakfast.

I took off my little ipod headphones, and we muddled through a conversation using bits of Portuguese, French and English. She said she wasn't doing great: her sister died last week. I was shocked, and was offering condolences when I realised that my ipod was blaring There She Goes by The La's.

It was one of those hinge-moments that can just tip either way. (It turned out that fast-forwarding wouldn't have helped: next song was I can't stand up for falling down). But as if by magic, her bus arrived. Praise!

In other news, the sunsets have been stunning of late. Last night a bank of cloud snuggled along the horizon to make a little mountain range. It was odd to see enormous cruise ships sailing out of the hills.

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