Thursday, February 22, 2007

Radio is the sound salvation...

Stunning day today. I'm enmeshed in writing a radio play (yes we all know I'm easily distracted). It turns out that writing for radio presents a whole bunch of new challenges; most enjoyable.

Speaking of which, for those folks who have not yet encountered the lovely D4 couple - Dan and Becs - here's a snippet (the full episode is here):


Craig said...

Hi Orla,

guess what happens when you you google "Orlaith" and "Madeira". Wah-hey top spot. Didn't realise you'd spent the summer months turning into to some kind of web-wizard thing.

Anyhue, must get back to work (or at least pay attention to see if any management are in the vicinity)

I know this doesn't count as a proper email message. But I'm guessing it's better than nothing.

Will try and email something properly sometime soon. All the best.


Orlaith said...

Hey there! Great to hear from you. I know you're only kidding about using IT resources for personal use on work time. I know you would never do that.

I miss you guys - fab meals, the Picture House film quiz, Sunday afternoons curled up in the Well House, Corinna's endless patience as we got trashed. Aaaah Devon. You know, people still talk about your gorgeous bread...

I came across an anagram cartoon strip the other day and thought of you - I must dig it out.

Right, back to that radio play!

All the best for now, Orlaith