Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carnivalling along

The carnival continues in an erratic fashion: costumed bands appear out of nowhere and wander randomly through the town. On Sunday we saw a jazz-cum-steelpan band (dressed as clowns) stroll along the harbour. A little girl was fascinated by them, so they just stopped on the street and gave her a mini-concert, while she did that little waddley-swaying dance that three-year-olds do.

Clowns playing jazz: that's probably my sister's worst nightmare.

Anyhoo, the big finale is this afternoon: it's called the Bungler's Parade, and the official description is "a free for all". Should be good!

Snippets of Saturday's parade here (what costumes - there must be a lot of bald ostriches out there) and here (love their long streamers - SO muppetty).

My favourite picture is of the girls in baby-ballgowns playing in the streamers and confetti:


SaraB said...

Clowns playing jazz- I think I am with your sister on that one!

Orlaith said...

Not all jazz is navel-gazing! I do however support the banning of clowns until the trauma of Poltergeist and IT has been worked through planet-wide...