Sunday, February 25, 2007

The crosses we bear...

Big weekend for the English community here. Someone noticed that the first recorded holder of the Victoria Cross is buried on Madeira.

So, they figured they'd put up a plaque, but then they thought "Why not get the most recent recipient of the VC to come over for the ceremony". From there plans began to spiral out of control: next thing the UK ambassador is coming over from Lisbon, they're selling tickets for the show, the English Church has to be repainted, oodles of extra chairs brought in...

I haven't heard yet how it went. I spent the afternoon in the cinema: saw The Wicker Man, which here is called O Escolhido - The Chosen. Wicker is one of the top industries on the island, and it might ahem ... strike close to home to translate it literally (see photo of grass man from the carnival; who knows what goes on up that mountain). Nicolas Cage is heavily medicated throughout the film, but I gotta say, I'd have started punching the locals earlier. I had the theatre to myself, which was heavenly, as opposed to the chockablock screening of Baby Hannibal, with two other people in the cinema.

I feel I'm 'nearly' finished the radio play, which normally means there's a way to go. Lovely weekend :)

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