Monday, February 12, 2007

Pride goes before a shopping trip

I spent much of this morning feeling pretty smug. My friend gets in at lunchtime, and the place is clean, her bed is made up, I not only bought a birthday present but wrapped it - I even wrote her a card. Sorted!

I just opened the fridge. Oh dear.

Engage rationalisations:
1) I buy fresh stuff most days.
2) We'll probably eat out lots.
3) I haven't seen her for months; her food preferences may have totally changed in the interim.

Still, there probably should be some token food in there. They should make Monopoly-type food that takes up fridge space and looks fresh. You wouldn't even need to dust it...


paddy said...

4) You are in hibernation until mid-march. The booze is just for cleaning the windows.

Orlaith said...

Genius! And the first documented case of human hibernation was that Japanese guy who hibernated for three weeks last October, so yours is actually a cutting-edge rationalisation. Excellent :)

SaraB said...

Well, many of the major food groups are there although I am not sure that coffee is normally counted as one of your five-a-day healthy fruit/veggie portions but surely the ginger and raspberry would count on that score.

Orlaith said...

Dear God you're clever! You can rationalise for me anyday.