Friday, March 09, 2007

A bit of skirt

In Irish, 'Orlaith' translates as golden-haired princess.

In Brazilian Portuguese it means border, hem, rim, skirt, web and worst of all flange.

Few words are more ill-sounding than 'flange'. Flaaaange. Euchk.

Luckily here, 'Orla' means nothing at all - Madeirans waver between 'Ola' (which means Hi) and 'Orrrhhhla'; Germans add a few more 'rrrrrs' and the English start with 'Oila' and graduate to 'Awla'.

All of which outshine flaaaaaange. What a word.

Anyhoo, must go write something before sitting-in-the-sun time commences. For those who asked what the plaits were like, here's a picture...

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