Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A pastry high

As a special treat, here's the pastelaria van.

This van is often seen going from snack bar to snack bar around the neighbourhood, delivering fresh pastries and breads. Scrummy.

But once upon a time I had a visitor; let's call them The One Who Sees Conspiracies Everywhere. I got up in the morning to find them staring out of the kitchen window, checking up and down the road. They'd seen something very strange. A van had pulled up about 7am, queer-like. A man had got out and crossed over to the place across the road. He was carrying something. The other man waited in the van. He was smoking. It was probably a drugs drop-off.

Or a pastry delivery. Cuck-koo!

Two things happened after that:

1) we happened to hear on the radio that there was a massive drug-smuggling ring whose leader lived in Portugal. Which means there is no convincing TOWSCE that the pastelaria van is innocent.

2) every time I see the nefarious pastelaria van I either start laughing, or take a photo, or both. I tried to take this one surreptitiously from my kitchen window, but they noticed me. So the end result is that I'm the one everyone thinks is bat-crazy.


Anonymous said...

[a] You shouldn't make fun of your visitors - they won't return to enhance your daily life. The drugs could be in the pastry or cakes or pizzas - there's always an answer to these imponderables.

Orlaith said...

You're so right - the drugs could be anywhere!

The whole 'conspiracies everywhere' quirk is endearing, and such an ability to construct narrative leaves me awestruck.

Anyone would be honoured to have such a visitor!

Sean said...

Such a visitor is clearly nuts.

Or else they really are all out to get us!!!!

Nothing that can't be solved with a few steamers and a large glasso vino tintho cheapo :-)

Orlaith said...

All I'll say is that someone had better return from Oz with Consulate piled high...

Anonymous said...

you are back to the prodigal son ha ha ha

Orlaith said...

One offer of coffee and he'll be restored to all his former glory :)