Friday, March 16, 2007

Hammering home

They're gutting one of the apartments in the building, which involves continuous staccato hammering noise from 8.30am-6.30pm.

It finally got to me today - took refuge in the cinema (The Good Shepherd - a packed house with five other people there).

Hoping to get some work done over the weekend.


paddy said...

Be glad you don't live in Sweden, where the builders start hammering at 7:00 every morning. I lived through a whole summer of builders fixing every balcony in the building except mine (2004) and I am not sure that I can recommend it...

Orlaith said...

From 7am? I can't believe no-one goes postal. In Dublin I had a block of flats being built next door, but it was the dust rather than the noise that grated.

Turns out the builders here work on Saturdays. Going out for breakfast now, then will try creating a biosphere of tranquility with the help of headphones.