Friday, March 02, 2007

A case of ignorance equalling bliss

Landlady appeared in a flurry of anxiety (something about that medical condition of hers - the one that I haven't translated yet, the one that pure lemon juice helps to alleviate).

Anyhoo, her doctor said she wasn't to be alone anymore because it causes her stress. Would I like to come for coffee?

Man I am so easily guilted into things.

So over coffee she talks about the panicky condition. The doctor told her that she's not to suffer any stress at all, she just needs total calm in her life. Total calm.

I listen and nod and make the right condolencey-sounds.

And while I'm doing that, I try to gauge when and how I should tell her that the terrace door was ripped off its hinges by the last storm.


paddy said...

Hmmm...wouldn't drinking a whole lot less coffee help against stress? Secretly swap her coffee for decaff and see what happens!

Orlaith said...

She'd probably curl up on the spot and sleep. I shall experiment!