Friday, March 30, 2007

That Friday Feeling, again

I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Friday, so I'm looking forward to the weekend all over again.

So, once there lived a man called Hyman L. Lipman. I guess being named Hyman, he had something to prove. Today in 1858 he patented his idea of attaching an eraser to the top of a pencil.

He was probably called Rubberhead after that.

Check out the wizard to see the name's inexplicable burst of popularity at the turn of the twentieth century.

In other news, today is Paul Reiser's birthday, like we needed a reason to rewatch Diner:
"You know what word I'm not comfortable with? Nuance. It's not a real word. Like gesture: gesture's a real word. With gesture you know where you stand. But nuance? I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong."


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