Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bunch of utter rot

Yesterday a cryptic note was pushed under the door: Have you ever had Noble Rot?? Join us tomorrow for lunch. It's from NZ.

The Codebreakers strike again.

The world of noble rot was all news to me. Apparently if you let vines become infected with some fungus called botrytis cinerea, and then you harvest the grapes, it makes a fabulous wine. Mr C described in detail the furry manky grapes that go into it, and seemed surprised that I was begging to be left in ignorance (I explained there's no such thing as botrytis in Orlaith-Land).

So (having had a bottle of wine with lunch) we then opened up the noble (semillon) rot. It smelled like nectar of the gods. And it tasted just like it smelled.

Almost time for my nap now. May be able to squeeze in an episode of Boston Legal beforehand. I'd never seen it before - for the first few minutes I was thinking 'a legal West Wing' until James Spader says "I can't speak that quickly". Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

orla: lois here. hello from the great white north (that is finally thawing). you will love "boston legal" it is one of my favorites. james spader is fun to watch, wondering what he will say next that will make us cringe with delite. i am also watching some hbo stuff, "deadwood",and "big love", but i am enjoying "carnivale" the most. try it.

lois g

Orlaith said...

Hey lady! You're right - James Spader is delightfully outrageous.

They show Carnivale here - they keep changing the hour so I happen upon every few episodes at 2am; the possessed preacher is fabulous! And Scudder is creeping closer...

Anonymous said...

orlaith, purveyor of noble rot to the codebreakers! Call in at mission estate winery when you visit nz. Some infections are better than others.

ms C

Orlaith said...

That was the wine! Mission Estate Noble Semillion 2005, from the Church Road vineyard, harvested on 26th April. It was phenomenal!

Yep, I may have to visit :)