Friday, June 01, 2007

Did you check the freezer?

I went for coffee with Landlady earlier in the week. In addition to the usual myriad complaints and illnesses, she's now worried for her mental health. She has started taking vitamins for her brain.

The brain-vitamin decision came about like this:

She unpacked shopping the other day (in one of her two kitchens, the one they use for frying, but they don't fry anymore because they're much healthier, they - what's the word for it? Grill? Grill. Anyway...) and she neatly organised all the freezer stuff - meat and ice cream and vegetables - so they were all lined up in rows (obsessive compulsive disorder). Days pass, and she can't find the laundry detergent. She blamed her mother, figuring that she had put it somewhere strange, that she was probably going senile.

Then Landlady went to get something out of the freezer. Lo and behold, there was the box of detergent, neatly lined up with everything else. Time for brain vitamins.

Last night she called for me out of the darkness below the terrace. She came up in a beleaguered state, and we talked for a bit (while I swigged wine). I offered her a glass, but she said she had already taken four pills and they would kick in soon.

I find her loopy in a very endearing way :)

For those who are about to start a bank holiday weekend, enjoy!


Kitian said...

Hope that you are enjoying the recent weather...there are quite a few of these ladies around, mine (of venzuelan extraction) decided to ensure that I have the same cleaner as her - "you can leave your gold out with her - she's very trustworthy" ;)Shes just keeping an eye on me...

Orlaith said...

Ha! Once the gold doesn't end up in the freezer...

Yep, the weather's been fantastic. Late afternoon sunshiney naps are now firmly woven into my schedule. Heaven!