Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mamma mia...

They found Hatshepsut's mummy? Gawd dang it.

For decades there's been talk that the mummy of the Super-Powerful Female Pharaoh had been found. Most archeologists pooh-poohed the idea because:

1) the mummy was overweight, and images of Hatshepsut were slender (sound reasoning - because images are always truthful. You betcha).
2) her body was basically shoved in a back room (aha! but her dastardly successor scribbled out her name all over the place, so he could have thrown her corpse into a Rent-U-Store).

The argument is nearly over: they found a box which reads 'Hatshepsut's tooth', and lo and behold, it contained a tooth, and the tooth belongs to the obese lady in the back.

I had been dabbling with an idea for a novel involving the myth of the missing Lady Pharaoh: that's one to delete from the Idea File. It really only works if she's still missing.

Unless the DNA tests come back negative...

And what's with the tooth in the box anyway? Just how old is the Tooth Fairy?

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