Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Off-roading poolside

It turns out, the sunloungers in the abandoned pool aren't for sunlounging, nor for nightswimming.

The mountain-biking crew haul planks of wood into the pool and use the loungers as jump-ramps.

There were three bikes taking turns yesterday: one honed his jumping skills while the other two traced infinity symbols from the shallow end to the deep end and back again.

Now that is a creative use of space.


Sean said...

Continuing in a great tradition.

Don't know if you saw Lords of Dogtown, based on the Z-boys? Basically, the origin of skateboarding in West Coast US. Empty swimming pools played a key role - early skateboarders used them for developing and honing the early moves and tricks that are now a staple part of the skateboard canon.

Say it with me" "cule"!

Link here:

Orlaith said...

Well-written Wiki article, and what a great story! I knew nothing about that. Must check out the movie...