Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Health matters

The fire brigade here seem to cope with a lot of medical-type stuff. They run a 'non-hospital emergency care' facility - for example, they'll come over if someone's had a fall and needs to be moved. They also run a 'pre-hospital emergency care' facility, which seems to be like an ambulance, but different. Non-/Pre-/Ambulance: the movers and shakers at Emergency 112 decide what you need I guess.

I was talking to Landlady about this (her dad was sick for years) and she said that there are hardly any nursing home facilities on the island, because everyone is cared for by their families. There are a couple of clinics where you check in for a month or two so that your carers can have a break, but the norm is that everyone stays at home. I wondered if it was a cost issue, but the price for going into the clinic (24-hours care, a zillion nurses, physiotherapy etc.) is 1500 euros. Per month. That's right, per month. It's like stealing!

Having glimpsed healthcare in other countries, this is very different indeed.

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