Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More tales from the flat space

Now that the Super Heat has arrived, I've been jogging in the evening. The Flat Space is a whole different world then, with different visitors (guys using the space to lay out parachutes and fold them neatly). The security guards even wear a different uniform (the AM uniform is like an old theatre usher - all maroon and buttons).

Anyhoo, yesterday I was pad-padding around (Scented Man was on duty) and noticed that two guys had brought a dog to train. The actual dog from The Omen. I'm just sure of it. Trainer #1 is about 17 stone, and when the dog lunges for me it takes all of his strength to heave the chain back.

So I pad-pad around again, and cautiously approach the end of the Flat Space, where they're working. The dog is now in the care of Trainer #2, a slight man. He has the dog lying down in the car park, watching me approach, and he warns "No... no..."

You know when you're training a dog and you put a treat in front of them but don't let them touch it. And they're salivating and quivering, and you say "No... No... No... Okay take it". It was exactly that kind of moment.

I did my twenty laps with extreme caution, trying not to look treaty.

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