Friday, June 29, 2007

Red Letter Day

...or purple actually, because red always seems quite angry in titles.

But my point is this: I just finished my book.

I can't believe it. That just totally snuck up on me.

And then I realised - I moved in here a year ago this week, and there's a lovely symmetry to that, and it's great to be able to go to Dublin next week and put the manuscript in an editor's hands and just... let it go. Because it's finished now.

Did I mention the bit where I can't believe it?

Wow. Am I on my way to pour myself to most ginormous vodka and tonic ever!


paddy said...

Well done. Hope you find a nice editor..!

Orlaith said...

Thanks Paddy!

The editor can pummel away at the manuscript - I've made my peace with it. The more ruthless the better!

Sean said...

Congratulations Orlaith!

There is indeed a lovely symmetry to that. I think probably many people start something like this, but never, ever finish. So just finishing is a big achievement.

Now - do you have it backed up somewhere safe? :-) Do you need to email it to us so we can back it up also ??? :-)

Ever-practical Sean

Orlaith said...

Thanks Sean!

Yep, all backed up - memory stick & emailed to myself. Once the big edit is done, you'll get your very own copy :)