Sunday, June 17, 2007

Running to standstill

I guess I understand talking to someone while they're jogging. Today while I was pad-padding around a local woman smiled and said "You're doing well", a local man said "Work harder", a couple of elderly sisters on holiday clapped. All you have to do is smile good-naturedly and keep going.

What I don't get is actually stopping a jogger - isn't that like calling out numbers at random when someone's trying to count? It's happened a few times now (all Germans actually, but I'm not sure that's relevant). I stop because I presume they're lost or have something urgent/vaguely important to ask. But no, they're just curious about how long the perimeter of the car park is, in metres.

Do I look like I'm rolling a circle?


Anne-Flore said...

How about a Segway? Rolling to a jog to a standstill to German tourists... Endless possibilities!

Orlaith said...

We could have a little convoy around the Flat Space; get some silks and form a caravan trail - take the show on the road, measuring metres as we go...

All we need now is a major sponsor.