Monday, June 11, 2007

Stony inhabitants

With the Super Heat come the lizards. I mean, they're always around, but they're more noticeable at this time of year. You see ten or fifteen laying out on the pavement, then they scurry into crevices when you get close.

But if you're standing by a wall at an (almost imaginary) bus stop, the wall slowly fills up with lizards. Some stretch lengthways in the sun, others poke out their heads, the cutest ones lift up their little alien hands in a stick-em-up position.

If someone else comes along they all scurry at once, and you get a sense of writhing movement, which is weird.

And their name? Well, I'm reliably informed that they're called the Madeiran Wall Lizard. Named by someone with a lofty poetic sensibility, I'm sure...

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