Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The big trill

There's some type of little bird here that chirps and trills endlessly. It's like having twenty miniature R2D2s darting from palm tree to palm tree. And with that many R2D2s, you really miss having a smooth-talking C3PO to cut through the gibberish.

They quieten down about this time of evening, but the weird thing is they start up around 5am, way before the first light of dawn. The other birds, they stay snuggled down until the sun appears. Not our little R2bleedin'D2s. They're the caffeine-fuelled, get-up-and-go kind of birds. Chirpy chirp chirp trill.

In other news, my mobile died, and I had an interesting few moments with its replacement, as the operating system and all the instructions were in Portuguese. Higher powers guided me to >Settings >Language >Set Language. Praise!

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