Wednesday, June 06, 2007

One kooky canine

I took Landlady for coffee. She's feeling pretty good today, as it turns out. Her dog, however, is a different story.

She has a dog called something like Koh-koo (in my mind it oscillates between Kooky and Cuckoo - either works just fine). Anyhoo, Cuckoo's been a bit highly strung of late. "She's... what's the word? Very very cray-zee."

That comes as a shock, I'm sure.

The doctor-for-animals was called to the house (Cuckoo doesn't like going to the doctor's - she catches a glimpse of a white coat and frantically tries to hide, so these days the vet comes to her instead). The vet looked her over, assessed her behaviour patterns, commented that the dog appeared to be very spoiled.

Cuckoo's been started on valium.


paddy said...

Valium..? I bet the dog just needs a good shag. My male cat, who is castrated, today tried to do the devil's business with the other cat. It's this weather, I tell just brings out the baby-making instincts.

Orlaith said...

Well, I can suggest that to her, although I think the dog is crazy year-round! I reckon her household could do with one of those plug-in air fresheners diffusing valium throughout the day. With perhaps a floral meadow scent as well.

Now, off to Babel Fish to translate 'a good shag'...