Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saintly salsa

Fabulous foodie-smells wafting through the neighbourhood. It's the Feast of St John today.

There are always street decorations appearing and disappearing, so I hadn't paid much attention to the bright garlands and the swags of laurel greenery around the place (the laurel smells divine, though). I found out while shopping yesterday: the check-out lady looked at the beer and asked, "Celebrating the feast of St John?" "What? Yes. The beer is for the John thing, that's right. Maybe I should get another couple of bottles just in case..."

Although everyone is obviously having BBQs today, the big celebrations were last night - the tradition is to cook plenty of local tuna with salsa. Here, salsa is not salsa, nor is it coriander, an essential ingredient for really good salsa - salsa is parsley. You only make that mistake once: order fish with salsa and spend the meal thinking how good it would have been with either salsa or coriander, and maybe some freshly squeezed lime juice... well, my point is that you learn the word quickly.

Anyhoo, happy John's day. Off to get some absolut citron now. Bless us, one and all :)


Sean said...

Meanwhile, in Cork, here's how they celebrate the same festival:



Orlaith said...

This is all news to me! Were we never in Cork at this time of year?

I bet everyone heads to the Ballinlough chipper afterwards. The Golden Fry might not offer fresh local tuna, but it would have something worthy of the day...